Stay Warm & Feel Fierce: A Winter “how to” Guide

I was born and raised in beautiful sunny Savannah, GA. We lived 15 minutes from the beach, and the few days a year when we could wear a sweater in the winter were amazing! Fun Savannah winter fashion trend: wearing UGGs and shorts. It’s winter, so you need to wear the ultra warm boots! BUT you’re extremely warm, hence the shorts.

So it’s safe to say that when I moved to Strasbourg, France a few years ago (landlocked in the cold and gray Northern Europe) it was a shock to my system. It dropped to -16 C (3 F!!!) that first winter, and we had so much snow! Not exactly the warmest welcome.

Over the years I’ve picked up on a few ways to treat yourself and feel cozy and warm, even in the coldest and grayest of winters.

  1. Wear bright lipstick and nail polish. If everyone’s wearing black and there’s no sun in sight, your bright neon nails will definitely light up the room.
  2. Moisturize! Nothing is worse than having super uncomfortable, dry skin because of the season. And don’t forget about chapstick!
  3. Keep the Christmas lights up all winter! I love the cozy white Christmas lights draped around the apartment, especially since it gets dark so early.
  4. Cuddle. With your spouse, with your kids, with pillows, just cuddle.
  5. Take a bubble bath. The more bubbles, the better.
  6. Treat yourself to a big, fancy cup of hot coffee or tea. (or wine)
  7. Go outside and play in the snow! Yes, you have to get bundled up and actually go out in the cold to do this, but fresh air is good for you! At the very least, you’ll get some cute pictures.
  8. Bake something delicious, ideally cookies. Once you’re done baking, turn the oven off and leave the oven door open. The heat will warm up your house, and your house will smell great! (Do NOT do this if you have toddlers or pets running around that don’t understand what HOT means!)
  9. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, use it! I’m totally jealous of you. Funny story: In in the warm south, it’s not uncommon to turn on the fireplace and have to put on shorts at the same time.
  10. Accessorize! It’s hard to feel like you’re dressed cute when you’re wearing a heavy jacket and layers on layers. Even if you can’t see under a ski jacket, it certainly makes you feel fiercer to accessorize! My favorite accessory this winter is my new JORD wooden watch. Go check out this post where I talk about the watch and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY ! Don’t wait, contest ends Jan 22!

JORD wooden watch in box

JORD wooden watch, mommy and son

What are your favorite ways to stay warm and feel fierce in the winter? Do you have any winter accessories that you can’t live without? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


16 thoughts on “Stay Warm & Feel Fierce: A Winter “how to” Guide

  1. Patty

    UGGs and shorts are big here where I am on the west coast!

    Right now California has been so cold you snuggle in bed under two blankets to watch football on Sundays and drink hot chocolate and hot apple cider. Technically it’s probably only in the 50s but for California at this time of year it’s pretty cold

  2. Melanie Frost

    Moving to France from GA is a huge move! I live in Phoenix, AZ where we never see snow. I love the idea of wearing bright lipstick and nail polish though. I never would have thought of that.

  3. Nicole Reid

    I love the cuddling part, as we have cats. And, also, I really like the idea of bright lipstick.
    I recently picked up a Fitbit Flex 2 and it’s thinner than the original, and I think I might get a bangle to put it in, so yay to the new accessories. While we have to drive to the mountains for the snow here in southern california, the rain allows us to do snow-storm type things inside.

  4. Koninika

    That’s such a creative post with beautiful colors and pictures accompanying it! It has a warm and cozy feel to it! I lived in northern France for a bit and I loved it!

  5. Kim

    I took a bubble bath this afternoon and loved it! It’s the perfect way to wind down and warm up during those brutal Winter months.

  6. Jeanine

    That jORD watch is gorgeous. I love the colour. I have one but it seems to have gotten lost, which makes me really sad because it was truly my favourite accessory!

  7. Bill S

    Treating yourself is so important, especially in the winter months when the weather is so dreary! Love these ideas, and that watch is amazing looking!

  8. Rachel

    I loved this post. It’s been snowing and yuck here for a few weeks now. I especially love the idea of wearing bright lips and nails 🙂

  9. Jean

    I totally love doing so many of those things! In the UK it always seems to be good, and I’m always feeling it, so I’ve gotta do what I can to keep warm! I’m always wrapped up in a cute chunky scarf, and nothing beats cuddles with the husband and cat!


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