It’s a tradition in my family that on Thanksgiving we go around the table and share something we’re thankful for. It can feel awkward or silly, but I think it’s a really important tradition to continue. Even more so now because I want to set the example for our son.

toddler in park

I’m thankful…

for the past 15 months with my son Andrew. He’s the happiest little guy I know, and his smile and laughter are infectious. I’m so grateful and honored to be his mommy.

for my husband Martin and his love. Through the good times and bad,
I absolutely love where our lives are heading.

for my parents, who love me unconditionally and understood my desire to discover other countries. Thank you for loving me and for letting me go. Being a parent is truly the most difficult job in the world.

for my stepparents. You both are amazing people, and I’m so glad you’re in my life. Thank
you for loving me as your own and for the incredible love you have for your first grand-baby!

for friends, near and far. I couldn’t ask for a better support system or more fun people
to be in our lives. Thank you for picking up where we leave off, despite any distance. #squadgoals

for my extended family. I’m so lucky to have amazing cousins, aunts, uncles,
in-laws all around the world, all doing incredibly cool things!

for our beautiful city, Strasbourg. It’s becoming more and more like home.

for our daycare. I’m amazed at how Andrew has thrived there.

for my yoga practice, for challenging me physically and mentally,
and for keeping me centered.

for the opportunity to create and work on my blog. It’s awesome
to tap into different skills and try new things.

for you all!! Thank you for reading my blog, for the encouragement,
for the kind words and comments!

What are you thankful for? What are your Thanksgiving traditions?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


26 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Jane Evans

    I’m thankful for a healthy body and a strong community of family, friends, parents, students, teachers, and dreamers! (You’re in there somewhere!)

  2. Mandy Carter

    I am thankful for my husband and two healthy children, my opportunity to work from home allowing me to spend more time with them and my parents unconditional love and support.

  3. Allison

    I love this tradition! I am thankful for our family’s health and happiness this year. It has been a busy year filled with a lot of bad things, but we are happy and healthy!

  4. Brown Rhonda

    I am thankful for my husband, our daughters and our family and friends. I’m hoping 2017 is better and has less health scares then we had this year! What a great tradition though!

  5. Debra

    What pretty leaves and a great post on gratitude! There is so much in this world to be thankful for. I love how your put it into words!

  6. Julie Durfee

    I’m thankful for my friends and family. What a great list! I think there can never be too much thankfulness. It seems at times I can take so much for granted and I’m trying to change this about myself.

  7. Theresa

    It’s such a good season to think about what you are truly grateful for! The holidays are such a wonderful time when family is around, and it’s nice to think about how good it is to have them there.

  8. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    This is such a wonderful idea. I’ve seen it in movies, but figured it was just that, a movie thing. I love it! We have so much to be thankful for, that sometimes we take things for granted, even the smallest of things. You have a wonderful list of things to be thankful for.

  9. Toughcookiemommy

    I love your family’s tradition. It’s so important to remind the entire family what the true spirit of the holiday is. Most get really caught up with shopping and material things.

  10. Jean

    I think its so good to share what we are thankful for and practice gratitude. I do this most days. I’m grateful for so many things, in particular my husband, family and fab friends!

  11. Christina Aliperti

    I love this post. I am thankful for so much but mostly for my family and us being all together through the year, not just the holidays.

  12. Rachel

    This is so sweet. I’m most thankful for things that you generally don’t think about – the ability to pick my kids up, the ability to speak to them and calm them down – little things but things that shape who they are.


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