Top 20 St. Patrick's Day Recipes. Eat, Drink, & Dessert!

Top 20 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Let’s keep the St. Patrick’s Day fun going all weekend! You’ll feel festive long after the parade’s over with these great recipes! Drinking From champagne to ice cream to soda, these drinks will leave you feeling …

A long weekend in Paris: Eiffel Tower by night

Guide to a Long Weekend in Paris

We recently went to Paris for a few days, and I finally got to check some things off my Paris bucket list! The next time you’re in Paris for a few days, definitely try to do some …

Boozy Chocolate Kentucky Derby Pie

Boozy Kentucky Chocolate Pie

Let me tell you about the most delicious pie ever: Kentucky Derby Pie! The official name and recipe is actually trade marked and super secret, so I’m sharing my own version with you here. If you don’t …