Guest Post: 4 Ways Nutrition Affects your Feet

This week I’m thrilled to feature a guest post by Patrick Greer from Fix Your Walk. Our feet are often a forgotten part of our bodies, but they’re vital for our daily movement. They’re the base of our bodies, where we connect to the floor, and they help keep us grounded. Foot health is something I’m trying to be more mindful about, especially as I get older. I hope you walk away (pun intended) from this post with some more awareness of those feet of yours!

What you eat has more effect on the health of your feet than you might think. In fact, eating some foods might be the only problem why you have common foot problems like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and heel spurs. But while some dishes will have negative effects on your feet, many others can be very beneficial for the health of the feet or even help you deal with common foot issues.

Since your feet have to carry a lot of weight every day and withstand a lot of abuse from walking or running on hard surfaces, they are bound to develop problems at some point. And so it is inevitable to know how nutrition affects your feet so that you can have a solution in mind in case you need it.

#1 Calcium and Vitamin D for Strong Bones

It is obvious that the health of your bones determines the health of your feet, and also your overall health. The fact that about a quarter of all the bones in the body are in the feet makes this even more important. But, what you eat is one of the biggest determinants of how strong and healthy your bones will be, and hence the overall health of your feet. And to simply state it, you need to take in lots of calcium and vitamin D for strong bones. What this means is that you need to eat more foods with the two compounds if you want to strengthen the bones and keep foot conditions like osteoporosis in check. Some of the best sources of the two are leafy green vegetables, soy milk, cereals, orange juice, tuna, and salmon.

#2 Refined and Fried Foods Cause Inflammation

Foods with refined sugar and wheat and the fried junk foods have the best tastes, and they are the kind that you will want to have every day. However, these dishes not only lead to excessive weight gain but they also cause foot inflammation, which in many instances will result in foot problems like plantar fasciitis. These foods will cause an increase in the production of chemicals that cause inflammation and plantar fasciitis. And if you are lucky enough not to get foot inflammation, the chances are that you will end up being overweight if you eat too much of these foods, which is also not good for your feet.

#3 Obesity Causes Various Foot Problems

As much as certain dishes will cause inflammation, there are also many others that can help you deal with this annoying and painful foot problem. Fruits, vegetables and other foods like whole grains, nuts and most types of fish are known to contain compounds that help to reduce inflammation. And there are many studies that show that just eating a well-balanced diet with foods from all the main groups can help reduce inflammation. Also, in most cases, nutrition is still not enough when dealing with inflammation, and it is necessary to combine it with exercise and other things like wearing properly fitting and comfortable footwear.

#4 Minerals and Vitamins are Crucial for Foot Health

Minerals and vitamins are vital for the overall health of the body, and they always seem to be a solution for everything. And this is why there are supplements to make sure that you get enough of them. When it comes to foot health, they are also vital and so you need to make sure that you have enough of them. As mentioned earlier on, calcium is vital for building stronger bones but you also need other minerals such as magnesium. Taking magnesium for plantar fasciitis is always very helpful as it helps to prevent your body from taking in too much calcium which causes unhealthy deposits of this bone-building mineral. 

Bottom Line

Nutrition and foot health go hand in hand, and you can easily tell whether you are eating right or not from the condition of your feet. If you suffer from unending foot pain and inflammation or common foot problems like heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, then it is time to check your diet and make some improvements. And the simple rule here is to avoid dishes that have a lot of refined sugar and wheat, and also the fried junk as it does more harm than good to your feet. Instead, you should replace these unhealthy foods with lots of fruits and vegetables, and make sure that your meals are always well-balanced.

4 Ways Nutrition Affects Your Foot Health


7 thoughts on “Guest Post: 4 Ways Nutrition Affects your Feet

  1. Eevi-Sofia

    Yes you are right, I barely ever think about my feet. Except when they are hurting in uncomfortable shoes. Who knew that sugar could affect your feet! I am a sugar addict so I better watch out.

  2. Brandi Michel

    These are such great tips. Foot problems can be so debilitating since we walk on our feet all day! I had feet issues during my last pregnancy and it was literally such a pain!

  3. Kate

    I had no idea how important nutrition is for your feet- definitely planning to do some further reading on this topic.


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