Why LuLaRoe is my New Bestie + LEGGINGS GIVEAWAY!

I recently jumped on the LuLaRoe train (better late than never), and I’m now obsessed.
Don’t miss out on the *GIVEAWAY* at the end of the post!
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Falling in love with LuLaRoe

I’d seen people post about these buttery soft leggings for a while, so I finally gave in and joined a LuLaRoe group on Facebook. This awesome company was started a few years ago with women empowerment at the forefront and focuses on fun and comfortable clothes that make all women look and feel great!

Go For It!

How does this even work? First, you need to find a LuLaRoe consultant. Many consultants have their stores online and have weekly pop up parties. I became friends with Jennifer through an online mom community and joined her LuLaRoe group on Facebook. You can join her group here!

The consultant posts a picture of each item during the online parties, and you claim what you want to buy directly on the picture. Once I saw all of the fun prints, I realized that my closet was mostly full of black clothes since having my son. It was time for a change!

My biggest challenge was not being able to try on the clothes before buying. Jennifer was so helpful here! I asked her a million questions about sizing, fabrics, etc., and she seemed genuinely happy to answer my questions and help me find some great outfits.

My first order was a Nicole dress, a Carly dress, and a Perfect T outfit with leggings. Even opening the package is a joy, since Jennifer adds in a sweet little note and wraps everything in cute paper. The Nicole dress didn’t quite fit right across the shoulders, so I ended up sending it back. (Exchanges are accepted within 14 days, no returns.) The Carly dress was incredible! It’s essentially your favorite baggy t-shirt, but as a cute and flowy dress. I ended up wearing it all over Paris and was so comfortable!

Falling in love with LuLaRoe Carly dress in Paris

Falling in love with LuLaRoe Carly dress in Paris

For my next purchase I ordered practically one of everything. This is where Jennifer was the biggest help. I told her about my hesitation to wear certain colors or crazy patterned leggings and my recent obsession with black clothes, and she helped me put together an order that had lots of colors, outfits with leggings, and several different shirt styles.

LuLaRoe outfits

Falling in love with LuLaRoe Irma top

Falling in love with LuLaRoe leggings + Irma top

The Leggings!

I did a total 180% here. I was pretty hesitant to try the fun patterned leggings at first, but now I LOVE them! You know that feeling when your legs are freshly shaved, you put on lotion, and your skin feels so soft and smooth? Wearing these leggings feels exactly like that! It’s pure joy to wear them all day!
LuLaRoe leggings for the win!

The Giveaway!

Jennifer and I are so happy to work together and offer one of my readers a free pair of leggings! How do you enter? 2 easy steps:

  1. You need to join her LuLaRoe Facebook group by clicking on THIS LINK
  2. Go find this picture and COMMENT where you’re from!

Giveaway is open until Saturday, April 8th at midnight EST. Winner will be announced on April 9th. Giveaway is only open to US residents.

LuLaRoe giveaway!

Make sure to read the care instructions before washing your LuLaRoe clothes.

LuLaRoe care instructions

Have you ever tried LuLaRoe before? I’d love to hear about your favorite outfits in the comments!

LuLaRoe leggings are my new bestie!

Thank you so much to Nicolas Hartzer, who took most of these pictures
(all except the ones in Paris)! You can see more of his work on his website
and can email him at nicohartzer@hotmail.fr to book a session.



71 thoughts on “Why LuLaRoe is my New Bestie + LEGGINGS GIVEAWAY!

  1. Emily

    Stephanie, you look so cute in these outfits! And your styling is much better than the photos on the LulaRoe website, which is a little to loud for me. I just asked to join Jennifer’s LulaRoe group, so I’m excited to see what kinds of pairings she shows. Fingers crossed for the legging giveaway!

    1. Stephanie Lee Post author

      Thank you so much Emily! I was definitely nervous about patterns on patterns at first, but it’s starting to grow on me. Good luck with the giveaway!

  2. Meileilan

    Those leggings look good on you . I heard about lularoe and their great selection . I might check on it and see what it has to offer . ?

  3. Debby

    I have heard so much about this brand. It is very stylish and colorful. I will need to look into them.

  4. Sarah Frank

    I’ve been so hesitant about trying LuLaRoe but this definitely sparked my interest! I’m in a few groups on Facebook so maybe I’ll actually give them a try 😉

  5. Jamie @ madrediem

    I have such a hard time buying into any of the MLM’s I see people
    selling online, but LLR seems like one that may actually be worth looking into. I do love leggings!

  6. Krysten

    I love Lularoe so much. As I sit here and type, I am wearing leggings and a Julia. I am obsessed with Lularoe, I wear a piece a day pretty much.

  7. Melanie Frost

    I’ve been hearing so much about LuLuRoe. A bunch of my friends are consultants and sell them for a living. I haven’t bitten the bullet just yet. But your post has inspired me to get myself a pair!

  8. Kayla O'Neill

    They look awesome!! I have not tried them yet..but I think they would work great for my lifestyle!

  9. Kimberly

    People are raving about it! I love how easy the pieces are to travel with too. They look great on you!

  10. Laura

    I don’t own anything From this brand but recently decided I need new clothes and I think I am going to get me some stylish leggings since my plan black ones are boring me! Can’t wait to check out this brand!

  11. E H

    I love these leggings and all the clothing by this company, I am thinking of starting selling it myself! Maybe in a couple of months once I have grown out of my clothing.

  12. Tereza

    I’ve heard so much about Lularose lately – everyone’s absolutely raving about it! And all your pictures are so lovely, you look beautiful in all the pieces!! xx

  13. Jean

    Living in the U.K. I’ve never heard of this brand, but it sounds great! I’m a bit addicted to leggings and have been for years, and these ones sound especially comfy! Great giveaway too 🙂

  14. Bobbi | Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen

    I know what you mean about black wardrobe. I have mostly black, gray, and white. I laughed because I went shopping with my daughter to specifically buy some colored T-shirts. I ended up with white, black, and gray and pink striped LOL At least there is some pink in there!

  15. Kassi

    Everything looks so cute! I feel like this could be a very dangerous thing for me. I already love clothing way too much as it is!

  16. Lydia

    Lularoe is pure heaven. I love their clothes, everything is SO soft, And those leggings are actually the best thing ever. Yes please!

  17. Tina

    I keep getting added to these groups. My cousin sells them and I understand she does well – once you buy them you just want more. Just trying to decide if I can make the jump from my nice baggy sweatpants to leggings. 😀

  18. Jeanine

    I need to try These! In Canada we have something similar but they aren’t too great and I’ve heard tons of things about LLR. Would love to see what all the fuss is about!

  19. Trish

    I recently got into buying LulaRoe as well and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I always said I would never pay $25 for a pair of leggings, but boy once you purchase your first pair, you hooked for sure.. I’m now up to over 10 pair of leggings, 4 Randy’s, and 5 or so of the Perfect T’s… My next purchase is a Nicole or Carly, just haven’t found one that has jumped out at me.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Carly dress you have! I will have to keep my eyes open for one like that!

  20. Divya

    I totally understand the obsession. I just bought my first pair of leggings a year ago and have never looked back. Since then, my closets filled up with dresses and shirts and the like!

  21. Lydia

    I own several pieces and they are so comfy. I somehow don’t own the leggings…need to add them to my list =)

    Lydia | chicandmodish.com

  22. Krysten

    I fell in love with Lularoe too. I mean, I wear pretty much only LLR clothes. My favorite is the Amelia dress. I pretty much spend all of my off time in the leggings too.

  23. Andrea Broom

    these are nice, i have heard of them and have heard a bunch of really good things about them.

  24. Jenni Petrey

    I’ve not heard of this brand before. I do love leggings though, they’re so comfortable.

  25. Leticia

    Oh wow how exciting, sounds so good! I’m loving these prints, so happy and vibrant ☺️ Especially that dress and polka dot leggings look really good!

  26. Nicole Anderson

    As someone who loves the great outdoors and spends a lot of my spare time there, wearing comfy clothes is extremely important to me. You look great in these outfits but you also look comfortable and I really took note of what you said about the comfort feeling. This line looks like something I would love to try.

  27. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen

    There are some girls at work who LOVE LuLaRoe leggings. It’s so funny to listen to them go on and on about them. I’ve never actually seen photos of any though. They are super cute, and all the outfits look great on you! 🙂

  28. Kassi

    Love these outfits and the shapes are totally my style! Being comfortable is so important, especially when there are little ones around. My go to wardrobe color is also black. I really need to change that!

  29. Sarah Humphreys

    I love the spotty dress you are wearing but I really really love the green tunic thingy you have on at the picture at the bottom of the post. I wish I was brave enough to wear bolder colours x


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