Guide to a Long Weekend in Paris

We recently went to Paris for a few days, and I finally got to check some things off my Paris bucket list! The next time you’re in Paris for a few days, definitely try to do some of these!

Visit the Sacre Couer in Montmarte. There are quite a few steps to walk up, but the view is worth it. We stayed right around the corner this time, so we managed to go during the day and at night. There are incredible views of the church and the city!

A long weekend in Paris: Sacre Couer

Ride the Ferris wheel. I normally try to avoid anything too touristy, but I was so glad we did this. The view from the top was gorgeous! I’m not sure if this is a truly permanent installation, but I hope so!

A long weekend in Paris: Ferris Wheel

Visit the Eiffel Tower. It’s an obvious one, but it’s a must do, at least once! We walked up to the park and then rode the elevator to the top. We’ve taken the stairs to the top before but opted for the elevator this time since we had our toddler in tow.

A long weekend in Paris: View of the Eiffel Tower A long weekend in Paris: View from the Eiffel Tower

Walk around the city at night. It is the city of lights after all! One of the most impressive views is walking up to the Opera house lit up. You can easily find the Arc de Triumph and its notorious traffic jams.

A long weekend in Paris: Opera House A long weekend in Paris: Arc de Triumph

Notre Dame cathedral. If you’ve never been before, go! And read the pamphlet as you walk around. It’s a beautifully majestic church, and it’s incredible to think about all of the history it’s seen.

A long weekend in Paris: Notre Dame Cathedral A long weekend in Paris: Notre Dame Cathedral

Go to the Louvre. If it’s a priority for you, the actual museum is lovely. You could easily spend the whole weekend in there. We were on such a tight schedule that we only had time for a fun photo shoot with the famous pyramids.

A long weekend in Paris: the Louvre

See the Catacombs. This was a big one for me. We’ve tried to go 3 times before, and each time the line was so long that we wouldn’t have made it to the front before the doors closed. We went first thing in the morning on a weekday and actually made it inside this time! The exhibit is incredible, spooky, and a little overwhelming. Try to plan ahead and avoid the lines if possible!

A long weekend in Paris: Catacombs A long weekend in Paris: Catacombs

Do a boat tour. This was another first for me. It was really cool to see the city from the water. We were lucky enough to have a tour during sunset, which was gorgeous! We went right by the Eiffel Tower, which is stunning at night all lit up.

A long weekend in Paris: boat tour A long weekend in Paris: Eiffel Tower by night

Go get some hot chocolate at Angelina’s! Treat yourself after all of that sight seeing! We went to their location off of the Luxembourg Gardens and enjoyed their signature chestnut dessert, among others. It was a great place to look at all of our fun pictures and relive the memories!

A long weekend in Paris: Angelina's dessert

Have you ever been to Paris? What was your most memorable moment? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments! Happy travels!

A long weekend in Paris

A guide for a weekend visit to Paris


69 thoughts on “Guide to a Long Weekend in Paris

  1. robin Rue

    My husband and I were just talking about booking a trip to Paris. We decided on London this time, but definitely Paris next 🙂

  2. karen

    I have never been to Paris, but I really want to see it one day. With my love of fashion, I definitely want to see all the couture there! But your photos are letting me live vicariously through you for the moment! And the ferris wheel looks fun!

  3. Dana

    Your weekend trip looks incredible! Fun fact about the Arc de Triomphe traffic circle, it’s the one spot in Paris where insurance companies will not cover you if you get in an accident! That traffic circle is crazy haha

  4. Janel E. Berchielli

    Paris looks like a wonderful place to visit. Since I live in the United States only being able to go there for a weekend would require a lot of work on my part and I would probably be extremely exhausted with the time change

  5. Melissa

    Your short trip to Paris looked amazing and you got so much done. Angelina’s looks like a great spot. I never knew about the Catacombs, but it sounds like it is hard to get into. I will keep this guide in mind if I get there.

  6. Ayana

    I went when I was 19! This is making me ache to go back!! I spend the whole weekend throwing back rose’ like it was going out of style but I did a lot of things on your list (whether or not I totally remember them). I would love to take my husband and son next time!

    1. Stephanie Lee Post author

      Good point! I’ve had a few friends who want to come visit and then do a tour around Europe, so they end up only having a few days per city. You can definitely spend weeks in Paris and not have discovered everything!

  7. Heather

    I dream of going to Paris! Hopefully sooner rather than later! These are some of my must see places as well! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  8. Kendra

    I studied abroad in France during college. I didn’t live in Paris, but we visited! I enjoyed going back when I was in my 20s…and most importantly getting engaged there! We had a great week exploring the city. Love your tips…I missed the hot chocolate!

  9. Jessi

    Paris is on my bucket list. The hubs and I have a 5 year plan to get completely out of debt and then spend a lot of time traveling with the kids.

  10. Rose Sahetapy

    I feel in love with Paris since the first time I visited it several years ago. The last time I visit the city I stay in Montmarte area, and I love it. Gorgeous pictures and post! You captured the lovely Paris very well!

  11. Tereza

    I remember going to Paris for a weekend when I was younger – I went with my mum and a few colleagues from her work. I spent honestly the whole weekend puking because I got a salmonella bug from the first caf on Montmartre, it was terrible! But also pretty amazing because I didn’t give in and just carried on with my sightseeing despite the regular stops at bins haha bless, Paris is such a beautiful place and I totally want to go back to explore it without a funny belly (touch wood)! x

  12. Marcie

    We’re heading to Paris in April for the first time since 2001! I hope the ferris wheel is still there! We have a long list of places to see with our kids!

  13. Kristin

    Paris is on my traveling bucket list. I cannot wait to see it. The photos are absolutely stunning and make me want to go that much more. I want to do everything on your list!

  14. Emma

    I lived in Paris for a year and I’m taking my boyfriend there for a weekend in April. You’ve listed all my favourite tings todo, although I’ve never seen the catacombs. Maybe that should be on the list for our April trip!

  15. Di

    haven’t been to paris in years, decades even. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Love the photos! I used to avoid touristy things but now embrace them as long as I don’t have to wait in line too long.

  16. Brittany

    I would love to spend a weekend in Paris. It’s definitely on my bucket list of places to visit alone with my hubby. One day I will be there! I can’t wait!

  17. Michaela Terese Harrison

    I love Paris and cannot wait to return next month, I will have to see Paris more at night this time and ride the Ferris Wheel. My favourite memories so far exploring Montmartre and having snails!

  18. LaShawn

    This sounds so amazing! I haven’t been to Paris in forever! I’m trying to wait until my son gets a little older so I can take him!

  19. Angela Ricardo

    As a military wife, we travel a lot especially if my husband will be station to one place and another. One of my favorite was of course Paris! I can still remember how lovely it was.

  20. Eva / Kid Minds

    I love Montmartre! I can’t believe it used to be a place of vineyards and windmills. Look at it now! I am not sure progress is always a good thing but I love my semester in Paris.

  21. Jeanine

    Those photos are all so gorgeous. Makes me wish I could go for a visit. I would love to spend a long weekend in Paris. Who wouldn’t!

  22. Angela

    This looks so lovely! We did a day trip there when we were in London last year. I hope to make it back there some time soon!! 🙂

  23. Jean

    Wow, you got some seriously good pictures in Paris! I’ve only been to Paris once, when I was a teenager, so would really love to go again. Hopefully that’ll be in the next few years with my husband. I would love to tick off my Paris bucketlist too!

  24. Shann Eva

    Great photos and suggestions. I went to Paris for a few days many years ago. The ferris wheel wasn’t there at the time, or we would have went on that too. We did go to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. We also took a boat tour and a bus tour. So much to see and do. I definitely would love to go back some day.

  25. amber

    I would love nothing more than to visit Paris! A friend of mine was just engaged there, so excited for her! I’d most love to visit the art museums and photograph the architecture.

  26. Karina Pacheco

    Paris has always been on my travel bucket list and your dreamy pictures just made it that much more better. I can’t wait to finally make it to Paris and take everything in.


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