Lake Mummelsee in the Black Forest

My parents are visiting this week (yay!) and we are being ultra touristy. I love any excuse to play tourist! We decided to show them around Germany by spending one afternoon in the Black Forest. Lake Mummelsee is the perfect destination for an afternoon stroll and some sightseeing.

lake mummelsee black forest lake view

lake mummelsee black forest hotel view

lake mummelsee black forest entrance rock

After about a 45 min drive from Strasbourg, we finally arrived. And MAN it was cold! The temperature was 26F but felt like 14F with the windchill (-3C but felt like -10C.) Good thing we were all wearing our Columbia jackets! Those were life savers! But seriously, if you’re going anywhere cold this winter, you need to check them out here on their website. Their other warm weather gear makes great gifts too. (Thanks for the early Christmas presents, Mom!)

After layering up, we braved the wind and cold. And it was all worth it! The lake is stunning, surrounded by forest. From a distance, the trees make the mountains look black. It’s a truly impressive sight.

lake mummelsee black forest

lake mummelsee black forest stroller

There’s a nice walking path all the way around the lake. Since it was so cold, we decided to do only 2 laps. It was very comfortable to walk, even while pushing a stroller. If you prefer a longer walk, there are many paths you can choose from and can easily spend hours in the forest. All along the path there are carved wooden benches and various statues and carvings pointing to the legends about water nymphs and an underground king!

lake mummelsee black forest bench

lake mummelsee black forest mermaid

lake mummelsee black forest carved kind

After our 2 laps, it was time to warm up. Thankfully there’s a lovely hotel and restaurant just between the lake and the car park. We hustled inside to get some hot chocolate and cake. When in the Black Forest, you have to eat Black Forest Gateau!

lake mummelsee black forest hot chocolate and black forest gateau cake

This is a really great destination for a family outing, for any time of the year. It’s beautiful and scenic in the winter. We had the path practically all to ourselves! In the summer, there are some activities and paddle boating. There’s a little playground for the kids to play in while you enjoy a drink on the terrace. And there’s even a changing table in the bathroom of the restaurant. As we drove away we were lucky to have an incredible sunset view over the forest. Wins all around! 

lake mummelsee black forest sunset

lake mummelsee black forest sunset

Have you ever been to Germany or the Black Forest? How do you stay warm for outdoor play in the winter? Let me know in the comments!

Lake Mummelsee in the Black Forest


29 thoughts on “Lake Mummelsee in the Black Forest

  1. Allison

    What a beautiful place! I would love to visit sometime, may make a trip next summer! Thanks for sharing and hope you had a wonderful time with your parents!

  2. karen

    Wow – does this place look ideal! I mean, I love all these photos and the colors! Who cares about the cold – especially with those Columbia jackets! I wish it was colder here where I live. Its like December and still 60′. C’mon snow!

  3. Reesa Lewandowski

    I can’t get over what a beautiful, tranquil place this is! It looks like the kind of place you go to shut your phone off and reconnect!

  4. Debra

    That lake looks so pretty and absolutely freezing! How pretty to look at and those are seriously great pictures!

  5. Jeanine

    How gorgeous. These photos are just stunning. looks like an amazingly cold time! HAHA. But relaxing and just lovely at the same time!

  6. Taylor Mobley

    How beautiful is this!!! I can’t wait to be able to travel more. My husband and I are hoping to travel as much as possible once we graduate college. 🙂 I would love to see the world!

  7. Heather

    It looks amazing! I am not one for being out in the cold though…which is funny since I live in New England which is definitely cold in the winter 🙂 It is all about the layers for us to be able to enjoy the outdoor activities of winter.

  8. Dad

    Black Forest always has been a great nature spot. the high pine trees gave the location the name. this area also is known for a famous, rather annoying clock (you might guess it). The air dried, smoked ham (geraeucherter Schinken), and already mentioned by Stephanie, the black forest cake does not contain any calories. the people talk funny and I do not like Freiburg, since they have a tendency to beat my soccer team. Some years ago a large part of the Black Forest was destroyed by a disease (the Borken Kaefer). While Germany did host the WM in soccer, they decided that a part of the Bier sales will be allocated to plant pine trees. it might not be a surprise to you that the money collected exceeded the amount needed to rebuild the Forest. Summary: drinking Bier can have environmental contributions > Cheers !


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