La Strasbourgeoise 5km Babywearing Walk

I was so excited to participate in La Strasbourgeoise and share this experience with baby Andrew. And shout out to my friend Katie for walking with us!

La Strasbourgeoise is a 5k run / walk to raise breast cancer awareness and funds for research. It’s mostly for women, but there are lots of men who participate dressed up like women. Seeing the great outfits is half the fun! #MomFail for not planning a cute baby outfit. 

The course goes straight through downtown Strasbourg, so you can imagine it’s gorgeous. This year I decided to DEFINITELY walk with baby in tow. Thankfully the weather in October is much cooler. A 5km race in the sizzling summer heat while babywearing… probably not!

Andrew was worn out and fell asleep around km 3! At the finish line, you’re greeted with the usual water, fruit, and revitalizing snacks. But there are also some tents set up where you can buy food and beer. We stopped at this cute tent to watch a great local band perform.

Of course we made our mark and signed the wall with our names and some encouraging words at the finish line.

If you’re in Strasbourg in October, be aware of the crowd surge (over 17,000 participants this year!!) and road closures because of the race. More importantly, you should find a nice spot to watch and cheer people on!

Did you participate in La Strasbourgeoise? What’s your favorite part of the race? What are your favorite songs to run to? Let me know in the comments!

Walking in La Strasbourgeoise 5K race



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