Introducing Baby #2!

Introducing baby # 2

And then we were 4!

After a long and comfortable maternity leave (thank you, France), I’m so happy to finally announce the good news. We ended 2017 with a bang by welcoming baby #2 into the world!

I went into labor with my first baby a few days before 40 weeks (you can read baby #1’s birth story here), so I expected my daughter would also be born before her due date. As it turns out, sometimes consecutive babies are actually born later. Great. 

The 38 week mark flew by, then 39 weeks, then 40 weeks crept by even slower… At this point it’s normal that you go in for a check up every 2 days. Thankfully, I felt pretty good physically, but I was not ready for the excruciating mental waiting game once you go past your due date! I tried to plan activities or tasks for each day so that I didn’t just sit around waiting. Finally, baby # 2 made her appearance at 41 weeks and 3 days. I guess she decided she wanted to wait for a cool birthday: 12 / 12.

(Side note: at least there won’t be any confusion when the date format changes back and forth between Europe and the US!)

Welcome baby #2

After laboring all through the night, what a joy to finally hold my little girl! Weighing in at 3.83 kg (8lbs 7oz) and 50 cm (19.7 in), she was a little smaller than her brother at birth. She quickly caught up to him in height though and is always at the top of the curve!

Introducing baby # 2

A major  T H A N K   Y O U  goes out to our wonderful newborn photographer, Caroline Alexandre. I’m so thankful to have such beautiful pictures to remember this squishy newborn phase! I’d previously had pictures taken with her when my son was younger, which you can see here. You can see even more pictures from our newborn session on Caroline’s site here.

Introducing baby # 2

Introducing baby # 2

I hope you enjoyed meeting our little girl! I’d love to hear about your birth story if you feel like sharing in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Introducing Baby #2!

  1. Eevi-Sofia

    41 weeks and 3 days! you go mama! Out of my fourth babis, my 2nd one waited until the day before her due date and that seemed like an eternity. So glad you got to have an awesome maternity leave. I’m from Finland (though now living in the U.S) and they get amazing maternity leaves there as well!


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