Gift Guide for that Mommy Friend

Not sure what to get that mommy friend of yours? You’re in the right place! I’ve put together a list of my top 20 favorite gifts for all the moms!

Holiday Gift Guide for that Mommy Friend

  1. Wine – Wine always works! I love that the Wine Country puts together gourmet gift baskets, either exclusively with wine or with other goodies. You can even give the gift of a monthly wine club subscription! Yes, please!
  2. “Cool Mom” Make Up Bag – She’ll be thrilled to pay homage to Mean Girls with this makeup bag!
  3. Lemonade by Beyonce – The only reason someone wouldn’t want this as a gift is because they already have it.
  4. Vases for Succulents – I love this set of 3 gold and stone succulent vases! They’re perfect for a window or mantel. They make great candle holders too!
  5. Wooden Decor Sign – You can customize these gorgeous signs with a name, monogram, or whatever you want! This Etsy shop has done some lovely work.
  6. The Roomba vacuum by iRobot – Who actually has time to vacuum anymore? With kids running around, no way. Let the Roomba do the work for you!
  7. Fuzzy Socks – You will want to wear these fuzzy and warm socks literally all the time.
  8. Passion Planner – These planners are incredible! I’m obsessed with mine. I’ll use anything to help stay organized, inspired, and frankly, sane, because there always seem to be a million things going on once you have kids!
  9. Golden Pineapple Decor – The perfect item for any bookshelf!
  10. Washi Tape – She’ll obviously need some fun washi tape to decorate that new planner of hers! Go Craft has a great collection of fun colors and prints!
  11. Amy Schumer’s newest book The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo – You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and after you finish the book you’ll feel like the powerful woman you are…and potentially also be obsessed with Amy Schumer.
  12. Monogram Wine Stopper – Monogram those wine stoppers with the kids initials and it counts as extra thoughtful!
  13. Artisanal Soap – Even washing your hands can be relaxing if you’re using fun soap! These artisanal rosemary mint soap bars are fabulous!
  14. Champagne Gummy Bears – Do I actually need to convince you?
  15. Glitter Bath Bomb – When your bath turns into a glitter party, you know you’ve arrived.
  16. Geode Bookends – Now that she has her favorite book ever, she’ll need somewhere glamorous to keep it! These gorgeous agate bookends will be perfect!
  17.  Touchscreen Gloves – These knit gloves mean iPhones and cold weather can mix!
  18. A Fun Flask – For times of need, this Etsy shop makes some awesome flasks in even more awesome patterns!
  19. A Crock-Pot – I honestly don’t know how people survive without crock-pots. You put all the food in and walk away. Turn it on in the morning, and you have a hot meal ready when you get home!
  20. Free time! I don’t know a single mom who would turn down an opportunity to sleep in every once in a while. Offer to babysit the kids for a few hours. Or hire a babysitter for her and go drink some wine together.

Mommy Friend Gift Guide


50 thoughts on “Gift Guide for that Mommy Friend

  1. Angela

    As a mommy myself, I have a ton of fellow mommy friends! This is giving me so many ideas for what to give them! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions. 😀

  2. Faith Roxas

    YAY! I loveee everything on your list and I actually have been thinking what to get my mommy friends for Christmas so this is perfect! My top picks would be #2 and 15!

  3. Reesa Lewandowski

    I want that Amy Schumer book, she’s my favorite LOL. Great ideas. Even though I am a mom, I never know what to get my friends!

  4. Georgiana

    I want the geode bookends for myself, lol! And yes, wine and free time are always a good options–this is a great list for mom friends 😀 Would it be wrong to shop for ourselves???

  5. Heather

    Great guide with ideas that anyone would love! The succulent vases are my favorite! And the Home Sweet Home sign! What a great housewarming gift that could make also!

  6. Brittany

    This might be one of the best gift guides I’ve seen in a long time. I literally just ordered those champagne gummy bears for my sister in law. Thanks for helping to make our NYE even more enjoyable 😉

  7. Brittany

    This is such a good idea! I love that this is geared towards mommy friends. I love #4 and the crockpot! I live off of my crockpot every night! Especially on those busy days!

  8. Di

    Some cool gift ideas here! I love the “cool mom” logo! I generally give experiences rather than things. So I gift massage certificates etc. Moms need massages!

  9. Vaishnavi

    Lovely recommendations for the mommy. Being a mommy, and given that many of my friends are mommies too, this is a cool list for me. Takes the stress of gifting for the season. Thanks a ton!!

  10. Breyona Sharpnack

    My go to is a crockpot! I love love love my crockpot. I want the one that can be controlled via your phone when you are not at home. These are some awesome gift suggestions nonetheless!

  11. Elizabeth Doren

    Can I just say that I am listening to Hold Up from Lemonade, I have fuzzy slipper socks on AND buffalo chicken is cooking away in my Crockpot! That’s too funny -obviously this is a great guide.

  12. Nikki

    Totally want a rhumba, that is def an awesome mommy gift!! I am now going to have to look into this book you speak of by Amy Shumer!! I think she is so hilarious and I didn’t even know she had a book 🙂


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