Feeling happy with the Happiness Boutique

I’m always on the prowl for new fun accessories and even better when they come from a company that has “positive vibes” in their mission statement! The Happiness Boutique, based in Germany, strives to make women “not only look good but feel good.”

I was so thrilled when this inspiring company contacted me about doing a review. To be honest, I had already been stalking their website trying to find the perfect necklace for an outfit! Even better, at the bottom of the post there’s a discount just for you!

Happiness Boutique

Thank you Happiness Boutique for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

As a mom with a small child, big statement earrings have become a little bit of a hazard. It is NOT fun having to worry about your baby pulling at your heavy earrings! Great for us moms, there are so many cute smaller earring options in this boutique. I decided to go for something totally new for me and chose these fierce squiggle asymmetrical earrings. One earring is a smaller stud and the other side is about twice the size and wiggles up the ear. I love that it’s something different and a little unusual! They feel really light when wearing and make me feel instantly trendier.

Happiness Boutique Earrings Happiness Boutique Earrings

I think a good necklace can totally complete an outfit and pull everything together. Whether you’re looking for chunky, artistic, or simplistic pieces, there really is something for everyone here! I fell in love with several pieces and finally chose this vintage feathery necklace. I really like its length and its simple style and fun look.

Happiness Boutique Necklace

Extra kudos to the Happiness Boutique for their wonderful customer service and fast shipping!
AND they ship for FREE worldwide!

As a thank you for reading my blog, there’s a 10% discount for
orders over 19 euros, valid until November 2nd. All you need to do is
enter the code sweetteababybrie at checkout!

What are your favorite fall fashion accessories? Do you have any jewelry from
the Happiness Boutique? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Happiness Boutique

Happiness Boutique Fall Fashion


32 thoughts on “Feeling happy with the Happiness Boutique

  1. robin rue

    I am all about the accessories, so I always have a cute necklace and lots of bracelets on. That is a really cute necklace you have 🙂

  2. Angela

    I love the squiggle earrings! I am not a fan of heavy dangle earrings so finding something unique isn’t always easy. These are awesome!

  3. Lori Geurin

    Jewelry has the unique power to take a simple outfit and transform it into something truly memorable. These pieces are really nice. I especially love the vintage feathery necklace you selected.

  4. Sarah

    Those earrings! Love them. They are small and classy enough to wear to my conservative work environment but still have a bit of funk!

  5. Jeanine

    Oh how pretty. all my fun jewelry like this has been broken over the years so I am waiting just a few more to get stuff and be able to have gorgeous pieces like this to be in my collection. would love to wear a fun necklace with a cute top!

  6. corinne

    oh i love that necklace so much! hopefully, i can start wearing those- maybe after im done babywearing! you look beautiful in these photos, btw! 🙂

  7. TColeman

    Those earrings are really so adorable. It is nice when you find a shop that has things that you love and you can keep coming back to!

  8. Martin / Husband

    I would totally wear these, if only they did not clash with my eye coloring. Assorted color contacts perhaps?

  9. Sylvia

    I am in love with your squiggle earrings! I stopped wearing dangly earring when my son was a baby and now even though he’s seven I rarely wear anything other than studs. I need these squiggles in my life.

  10. Lu Lovely

    The Happiness Boutique! What a beautiful name for a jewellery shop! Loving your new feathered necklace. Looks lovely on your. The squiggle earrings are a winner too. You know, my youngest child is now 10 and ice literally just started wearing earrings again!

  11. Natasha

    I can’t remember the last time I wore earrings but hers are very pretty! I haven’t brought new jewellery in ages, maybe it’s time to treat myself

    Tasha x


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