Our favorite bibs from IrisRoseCo

I’m so excited to announce that I’m partnering up with one of my favorite Etsy shops, IrisRoseCo! Even more exciting –- you get 15% off by using the code SWEETTEA at checkout!

Our favorite bibs: Iris Rose Co bibs

The owner, Stefanie, had her baby boy around the same time I did, and her baby items are fantastic. As a mom, she knows what works and what doesn’t!

I first bought this black and white StarWars bib for my baby, but more for my husband, who’s a big Star Wars fan. He was definitely thrilled when we opened the package.

I loved our first bib so much that I just had to order more!

Here’s why the IrisRoseCo bibs are fantastic:

  • The size. They’re big enough to use during meal time, but not too big. Those super cute but tiny teething bibs just don’t cut it when food’s flying (baby led weaning problems.)
  • The fabric is thick enough so that baby stays dry if there’s a little liquid spillage.
  • They all have snaps or intense Velcro. My feisty baby can pull off most bibs. These hold up!
  • The patterns are really adorable! She has a great selection of fun prints and colors.
  • Did I mention that she’s a mom? I’m pretty sure she tests out most of her products on that cute baby of hers!

There are some other incredible items for sale, like these super soft blankets, these adorable crinkly teethers, these cute pacifier clips, and so many more!

Go visit her shop on Etsy now and use code SWEETTEA at checkout to get 15% off!

Let me know what you buy in the comments!


62 thoughts on “Our favorite bibs from IrisRoseCo

  1. Sam

    Oh my gosh they are all so cute, I’m totally loving the black and white-ish one in the second photo. I FEEL YOUR PAIN, my daughter will rip off just about any bib we have, I totally need to look into this Etsy shop! I also agree the size is nice, too. Awesome review and you’ve picked some really good patterns from the shop. Thank you for sharing <3

    1. Stephanie Lee Post author

      Sam thank you for the great comment!! I think it’s pure joy for some babies to rip off accessories (bibs, hats, socks) I hope you find some great items for you and your daughter!

  2. Theresa

    Wow, that Star Wars bib is super adorable! I would love to have a little one who wears bibs just so he/she could wear it!

  3. Amanda Love

    These are all pretty amazing bibs! I love that Star Wars design and it’s good that they’re all reliable. Products that are made by fellow moms are so much more awesome than products that are made by big companies!

  4. Dana Vento

    awe, the baby so adorable! I actually love the star wars design, it’s really unique and good gift idea too this coming holidays.

  5. Terri Steffes

    Those are super cute! I have a birthday gift to purchase for a one year old so I am heading over there to use my code and get a gift!

  6. Taylor Mobley

    I don’t have any babies — so no real insight about bibs here except those are stinking ADORABLE. I love them! I will definitely need to look into her shop when we have our first little one. 🙂

  7. Brittany

    I’ll definitely be visiting her etsy shop! I’ve been looking for gifts for my little one and these are all so adorable! Especially the star wars bib! It’s so cute! I’d love to see what else is in her shop!

    1. Stephanie Lee Post author

      Brittany that’s awesome!! She has some super soft blankets and other cute little items. I just gifted a fun teether at a baby shower last weekend. It was a big hit! Hope you find something good!

  8. Vicky

    IrisRoseCo has the cutest baby items! I haven’t seen such fun bibs for babies. The Star Wars one if my favorite. I know some little Jedis who would look adorable in them!

  9. Kim

    These are cute and stylish. It would be the cutest baby gift too. I kept bibs on my baby all day long while they drooled from teething.

  10. Jessica

    These are adorable!!! I had the worst time finding bibs for my daughter that were well made and still inexpensive (because let’s face it, they’re going to get messy) before my daughter was born. Thank goodness for Etsy! I’m going to have to bookmark this for the next baby!!!

  11. Carolyn

    Cute baby and cute bibs. I was always picky about bibs too. They needed to be just the right size and thickness and these look like winners.

  12. Jena Proctor

    These bibs look amazing! The print is super cute and your description sounds like they are the perfect bib. If we still needed bibs, I would certainly check these out!

  13. Kori

    Those bibs are absolutely adorable! I wish I’d known about this Etsy shop when my toddler was younger. I definitely would have purchased the Star Wars bib for her.

  14. Kristin

    These are adorable! I love that they hold up to tiny hands ripping them off. My daughter is notorious for this! They are great graphic patterns. I cannot wait to see what they have for girls.

  15. Yanique

    My husband would’ve wanted the Star Wars bibs for our boys when they were babies for sure! Love that these bibs offer great coverage. I hate those bibs that don’t cover up enough which allows food and drinks to soil baby’s clothing.

  16. CourtneyLynne

    Omg how cute are these bibs!!!!! I’m just loving that Star Wars one! I can think of so many littles that would be perfect for


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