Baby Life 18 Month Update

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love documenting my son’s progress and seeing how he changes over the months. It all started with the monthly sticker pictures and continued with his 15 month update.

Here’s an update on our favorite little 18 month old, Andrew!

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The Stats
Weight: 13.1 kg // 29 lbs
Height: 83 cm // 32 in
No new teeth since 12 months

6 countries visited! Austria was added to the list.

He’s still obsessed with fruit and apple sauce and really likes veggie soup. He recently realized that he doesn’t like Brussel sprouts and started to pick out some vegetables to throw on the floor. Good for fine motor skills, bad for nutrition. I think he’s getting a little less messy now, although you probably wouldn’t believe it if you ate with us!

18 month milestone update

Still loves:

  • Dancing and jumping around!
  • All things music! Playing his own guitar, watching someone else play music, he’s an equal opportunity music lover.
  • Interactive sound books, especially his Peppa Pig Noise book and his V-Tech Musical Song book
  • Running everywhere, which is now more of a run and less of a waddle!

18 month milestone update

Recent Accomplishments

  • Shredding paper
  • He’s starting to hold a paintbrush but still tries to eat the paint.
  • Consistently sleeping through the night! Yay!
  • Hums and sings all the time. His current favorites are Happy Birthday to You and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  • Plays hard and likes to wrestle, laughing the whole time.
  • First time playing in the snow! We had a week of pretty heavy snowfall, and the kids had lots of snow play time at daycare.
  • He started talking a little and can even say his name. We think he’ll be talking very soon! It’s a mixture of French and English phrases right now, so I’m curious which language will be dominant.
  • We finally bought him his own little chair! He really enjoys sitting in it to read or eat a snack.

18 month milestone update

Favorite Things

  • His guitar! He wants to play on it all. the. time. You can find a similar one here on Amazon.
  • His Xylophone. This normally comes out to play with the guitar.
  • All of the kids his age seem to love pulling around animals on a string. Fun?
  • He really enjoys the Montessori style toys where he can sort objects.
  • His rocking horse. He learned how to get on and off on his own!
  • He still loves playing basketball and started making jump shots.
  • Suddenly he has an attachment to his “lovey” Roo. My sweet cousin gave him a stuffed animal kangaroo mom and baby set when he was younger. Now he looks for it when he gets tired, and it’s really soothing for him.

18 month milestone update

This age is such a blast! Can’t wait to see what changes over the next few months!

What are your favorite activities to do with your toddler? I’d love to hear about your ideas in the comments!

Thank you so much to Nicolas Hartzer for the incredible pictures! You can see more of his work on his website and can email him at to book a session.

Baby Life 18 Month Update



37 thoughts on “Baby Life 18 Month Update

  1. Laneic Lavalle

    How cute! and yay for sleeping through the night! My son looooved peppa pig at his age too (still does now at 3 but prefers Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles). He has just learned how to walk however. Your baby (well toddler now!) is supee adorable! ❤

  2. Chad

    Happy baby!
    18 months is a good time to look into the Talking Letters factory and their sequals. I put my kids through those and they were reading before pre school!

  3. Christine

    One of my favourite things about being a parent is being able to watch my children learn and gain skills. It’s so exciting! Your little guy is too cute! 🙂

  4. Dylan

    He is just too precious! It is just crazy how fast they grow up right in front of our eyes and how much they learn in such a short amount of time.

  5. Stephanie

    Hi I love your son’s updates! You are such an inspiration to me. My son is 19 months old and I know I’ve been always saying to record every month down in a journal or something because it’s so easy to forget. I want to be able to look back when he’s older and see the type of things the was interested in. I think I just start recording as much as I can remember 😉

  6. Nicole Anderson

    What a truly adorable little boy! You are so blessed and they are so cute at that age. It’s so great you are documenting his development as you will look back on these times with such joy. Love that you shared his toys and interests which would be so relevant to other mother’s with children of a similar age.

  7. Caitlin

    My son is 19 months and they seem to have similar interests! Music and farm animals are my son’s favorite right now. He loves books with farms and horses and we love singing songs any chance we get. He is such a great little helper now too, helps me unload the dishwasher, feed the dogs, sweep etc. It’s so cute! Your son is adorable 🙂 Wish mine would eat a few veggies like him!

  8. Tina

    All of my kids have loved the pull along animals on a string! You will be so happy for this documentation of all of his likes and accomplishments at this age. It can start to get fuzzy after a while!

  9. Elizabeth Brico

    Wow, I can’t believe you have visited so many countries with your baby! That’s amazing. I’m a little jealous lol.
    This is a great way to remember your baby as he grows. I’m sure he’ll love having this when he’s older.

  10. Amanda Appiagyei

    Aww what a cutie. Mine and three and one. I think their very favourite thing to do right now is go to soft play, the one year old is so brave, he jumps right into the big kids section, so the three year old loves that he has someone to play with!

  11. Scenes From Nadine (Nadine Smith)

    He’s only 18 months old and he’s already visited 6 countries?! That’s one globe-trotting baby! Congratulations on his many recent accomplishments! That’s a lot! 🙂 I can tell that he’s going to grow up being quite the achiever!

  12. Riely

    Your son is super adorable! And he seems to enjoy learning new activities. I feel like all babies at this age love to make messes while eating!

  13. Emma

    What a well travelled little guy – and amazing if you can bring him up bilingual – thats such a great head start for any kid!

  14. Tracy Chong

    I remember my nephew around this age loved me to read him a storybook. Repeat and repeat again and again until I…uggghhh….should I repeat the same storybook again?. 😀

  15. Ivelisse

    Omg God bless him he is adorable! This is great you are documenting all of these changes. I plan on doing the same when I have kids.

    Ivelisse |

  16. Jess @ Nora&Co

    So, so sweet and such lovely pictures! My boy is 18 months and I think it’s my favourite age so far! So interesting that your boy has phrases in French and English! ❤️


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