Baby Life 15 Month Update

I loved taking monthly pictures of Andrew, and I was sad to not have regular updates after he was a year old. So I decided now that he’s over a year to do updates every 3 months. If you missed the monthly pictures, you can see all the cuteness here.

Here’s an update on our favorite little 15 month old, Andrew!

15 months baby update

The Stats
Weight: 12 kg // 26.5 lbs
Height: 79 cm // 31 in
Teeth: He has SO MANY. The canines and first molars have been in for a while.
Illnesses: He knocked out chickenpox and hand foot mouth disease already. Go baby!

Favorite Foods

  • Every single fruit. He is an equal opportunity fruit devourer. Kiwis, blueberries, and strawberries are top of the top.

Least Favorite Food

  • Parsnip. He will actually pick it out of food, even if it’s hidden.
  • He stopped liking carrots for a minute. That was a big surprise, since they were a big hit for a while! That phase didn’t last long.

Countries Visited: 5, including several Christmas markets

  • USA (Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Texas)
  • France
  • Germany (Kehl, Frankfurt)
  • Switzerland (Basel)
  • UK 

Recent Achievements

  • We successfully got him on a consistent one-nap-per-day schedule. Big thanks to our daycare for helping us with that.
  • Running around! He started walking just after his first birthday, and it wasn’t long before he was running everywhere.
  • Decorating his first pumpkin at Halloween! He tried to eat the paint mostly, but the pumpkin still turned out very cute!

15 months baby update

  • Mastering the slide. It doesn’t matter if he’s sliding on his belly or walking up, it counts! He liked it so much that we had to get a mini slide for inside.

15 months baby update

15 months baby update on slide

Favorite Things

  • Dancing! He loves when I turn on the music and we dance around the apartment together.
  • Eating. He’s always been a good eater, so no surprise there!
  • Playing with toys that have a rope or string and swinging them around so they (accidentally) become weapons. Ouch.
  • Cuddling. We seriously have the cuddliest little baby ever, and that makes me one happy mama.
  • Reading. It’s so sweet when he picks out a book and brings it to us to read! He especially loves his books that sing songs or play music.
  • Copying us! Whether it’s mimicking sounds, following us around the apartment, or eating what we eat, he really tries to mimic and copy our movements. It’s adorable!
  • Eating his books. Apparently cardboard books are ultra delicious.

15 months baby update

What a fun few months it’s been.
Can’t wait to see what changes by 18 months!

Baby Life 15 Month Update


30 thoughts on “Baby Life 15 Month Update

  1. Marcie

    These photos are super cute! It’s amazing how quickly babies/toddler grow! I never would have thought to try parsnips with my oldest as a baby, but I’m going to try that with my youngest!

  2. Jessi

    They really grow up too fast! My son will be 5 months this month and my daughter will be 4 in March. It is crazy how fast they get big.

  3. CoCo

    Such fun update! Love seeing how all babies are different at this stage and how they have started to develop their own personalities!

  4. Jeanine

    So cute! My youngest is 5 months on Friday and although it makes me SO sad how quick its going I’m looking forward to all her little milestones too! These posts are super fun!

  5. Debra

    Wow! This little one has been to more places than most adults. I hope you’ve taken lots of pictures so he will always remember.

  6. Jaimie

    He is adorable! I love reading about other babies and where they are development wise at a certain age. My youngest is going to be 8 months next week and she is a huge ball of energy that’s for sure.

  7. Tereza

    What a little cutie! And I’m totally with him on parsnip. Parsnip is terrible, meh! Hahah and the eating books bullet point made me laugh so much! I sometimes nibble on random things as well like when I’m wearing a pendant or my glasses haha. Oh wait I’m 27 but you know.. same thing:) x

  8. Robin Rue

    I love seeing little ones updates! It is amazing how much that they have experienced in such short a time.

  9. Jen K

    What a sweetie! I miss my boys at this age. It goes by way too fast. I am trying to embrace every moment as I watch my boys become little men right in front of my eyes.

  10. Angela Tolsma

    aww what a cute update. That’s amazing how many countries he’s been too. I haven’t been to that many at all (3) and it’s always awesome to see travelling kids.

  11. Sarah

    My little one has SO MANY teeth, and I don’t ever remember his brother having teeth this early. So crazy how different babies develop!

  12. Angela

    Ohh I love babies so much…. I could just squeeze them they’re so cute. I wish you could see my face while I type this comment LOL I’m making the puffy lips as if I just could kiss the screen. Your baby is just so adorable. BTW I’m a mom of a 18 month old so totally love this post and wish I had thought about doing something similar. Awesome job!

  13. Ashley LaMar

    Andrew is absolutely the cutest little guy! And such a world traveler already. He’s such a lucky little guy to have a momma that loves him so much and is so adventurous with him.

  14. rojielyn

    He is adorable! I also have a baby. A 7 month old baby girl and she is totally like me but she looks like her father.

  15. Kim

    So adorable! I just told my husband how much I miss that age. The 2 and up age is so much harder. This age is sweet and still baby like.

  16. Heather

    It is amazing to see the changes that happen every month when they are so little! My youngest turned 2 in the fall, and it is so fun to see!

  17. Kiwi

    This baby is a world traveler already!!! I love it he travels more than me within the 15 months hes been here I am a little jelly lol!

  18. Brittany

    Your little guy is such a cutie! I have one just a couple months older – this is such a fun age! I’m so impressed by how well traveled he is at such a young age.

  19. Savannah

    I have my own little Andrew – who just turned 2 and he definitely LOVES to dance as well, it’s the cutest little thing! Your little guy is sooooo cute!! <3


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