Gift Guide for the Active Mom

I’ve rounded up my top 15 gifts for the active mom! There are some fun gadgets, great clothes, and perfect every day items, and all are great for motivation. Happy shopping!

Holiday Gift Guide for Active Moms

  1. Plantronics Headphones – These comfortable bluetooth headphones come in several fun colors. You don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in the long cord here!
  2. Ivy Park Sweatshirt – Because do we need a reason to rep Beyonce’s new workout clothing line?
  3. Ninja Blender – This blender makes it easy to get in all those fruit and veggie servings with delicious smoothies!
  4. Foam Roller – If you’ve never tried one of these, you should! It’s a great way to alleviate tight muscles, and you can easily use it at home.
  5. Yoga Mat – I love the ones from Barefoot Yoga. This eco-focused company has such high quality yoga gear.
  6. Non-slip Head Bands – I’ve tried a few of these, and my favorite is Under Armour. They’re comfortable and actually stay put!
  7. Jogging Stroller – BOB’s FLEX jogging stroller is a hit with my active mommy friends! It’s durable, speedy, and really easy to maneuver. It’s a great stroller not only for running, but also for off road!
  8. Iron Man Watch – I love this watch from Timex. It’s comfortable and reliable. I wear mine all the time! It comes in so many fun colors!
  9. Workout Leggings from Old Navy – These are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever owned. The waist sits just right and the material is the perfect combo of stretchy and thick. You can wear them to the gym or literally all the time!
  10. Resistance bands – If baby’s napping or it’s just too cold to leave the house, this pack of 5 bands from Limm’s is great for getting in a home workout.
  11. Jawbone Fitness Tracker – This sleek fitness tracker is perfect for the active mom! The Up3 has fun new features, including a resting heart rate monitor. You can compare all the models on the Jawbone website.
  12. S’well Water Bottle – Hydration is super important, regardless of fitness level. I love these water bottles because the insulated stainless steel won’t any chemicals into my water. Plus the beautiful bottle and cap come in many styles and colors. My fave right now is the champagne colored. How festive!
  13. Skida Alpine Hat – Whether it’s for climbing a mountain or for a walk around the block on a cold day, these moisture wicking hats are the best. With the fleece liner and stretchy spandex, they’re comfortable, warm, and fun!
  14. Running socks from Lululemon – This brand’s quality holds up in all their gear, even with their socks!
  15. “Namast’ay in Bed” Mug – because let’s be honest, the best thing you can do for yourself some days is to stay in your pjs!

Holiday Gift Guide for the Active Mom


27 thoughts on “Gift Guide for the Active Mom

  1. Robin Masshole Mommy

    Those are all great gift suggestions. I actually asked for a handvac this year. Ours died a few weeks ago and I am lost without it.

  2. karen

    Those Swell water bottles are the BEST invention ever! I have a pink one (but really want that gold one too!) and it seriously keeps my water cold for a million hours! Genius!

  3. Angela Tolsma

    that foam roller looks intense! These are awesome ideas, I’ve been looking for a gift to get my sister-in-law. I think she would love the running socks and the bluetooth headphones!

  4. Silvia

    Love this gift guide! The swell bottle and the Ivy Park sweater are calling my name! Perfect guide for any active women!

  5. Jessica Hughes

    My mom is SUPER active and would love everything on this list. I want some of them for myself to get motivated to stay in shape!

  6. Jeanine

    I had no idea Old Navy had leggings, let alone work out leggings! That is awesome. This is a really great guide for any active moms!

  7. Debra

    I totally have a yoga mat on my Christmas list this year, I love doing yoga it is really relaxing for a busy mom!


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