12 Months of Milestone Stickers

As a first time mom, I was drawn to all the fun ideas to remember and document my baby’s growth. Foot print crafts, collages, baby books…the list goes on and on. When my son finally arrived, I realized I was crazy for thinking I’d have enough time or energy to do most of them! One of the things I did manage to do, and I’m SO glad I did, was to take monthly pictures.

Use monthly stickers to see how your baby grows month by month

I’m so happy to be able to look back at these and see how he grew month by month! That first year there are so many changes, and it really does go by so quickly.

There are many different styles of these monthly pictures out there, and they’re all adorable! Some things to think about before that first picture: what pose, which background, where to find good lighting, what angle to take the picture from, keep the same style/look or try a totally different one every time? Whatever you decide, or if you just wing it, have fun taking pictures of your cute baby!

You can find so many options and styles of the actual sticker. We got these from Etsy. I knew I wanted round ones in slightly neutral colors that would show up against a white onesie. There are all kinds of stickers to choose from: sports themed stickers, stickers with dogs, nautical themed stickers, stickers with flowers, stickers that are personalized with a name, stickers in the shape of a bow tie or a tie, stickers with glitter, and the list goes on!

Not to mention, taking pictures of babies is hard! When they’re newborns, getting a smile can be tough. When they’re older and more mobile, good luck getting them to sit still long enough for a picture! And when my son wasn’t wiggling around, he was grabbing at the sticker and trying to eat it. We did have this golden slot of a few months when he posed and smiled on cue.

A lot of people take pictures with the baby and a stuffed animal. We tried that too with a stork, which is really famous in the region where we live in France. At one point, It became a battle to get him to not eat the stuffed animal and cover the sticker, so we stopped after the 5 month picture.

Here’s a month by month commentary on how our pictures went:

1 month old: This was a tough one! Trying to find the right moment when we had daylight and when he would maybe smile was the biggest challenge for me. Plus, I had no idea what I wanted these to look like. He cocked his head and smirked just at the right time!

Baby progress month 1

2 months old: He started doing the “superman” pose and would have one or both arms up constantly. I realized here that I wanted to try to capture whatever milestone he achieved that month.

Baby progress month 2

3 months old: I played around with some different outfits here, but obviously I wanted those baby leg rolls on display! He was kicking a lot, so I ended up with a ton of pictures that were out of focus.

Baby progress month 3

4 months old: We went out of town for a few weeks, and I totally forgot to pack the sticker. Mom fail! Thank goodness that there are so many pic editing apps where you can add text! It was pretty tough to find the right time to take pictures when we were at the house and he was in a good mood / awake.

Baby progress month 4

5 months old: And this was the last month we tried to take a picture with the stork. He was getting much more active here and wanted to chew on everything!

Baby progress month 5

6 months old: This was the start to that magical “easy posing” time. He had just started to sit up on his own and was smiling all the time!

Baby progress month 6

7 months old: Not every month in that golden window was a great one. We were traveling again here (kudos to me for remembering to pack the sticker this time!) and poor little guy was pretty sick. He was a little trooper during the picture taking! This was the month when he wanted to eat and play with the sticker the most.

Baby progress month 7

8 months old: We barely had to do any work to get this one! It helped that my husband was behind me making funny faces to get a smile. I played around with the colors by laying a throw blanket over the couch.

Baby progress month 8

9 months old: The golden months continue! He was so smiley at 9 months!

Baby progress month 9

10 months old: What I really love about these pictures is that you capture what’s going on at the time. Andrew got the chicken pox about a week before, so when it was time for the picture, the spots looked pretty bad. I waited to take the picture just after he woke up from his nap, when I knew he would feel the best.

Baby progress month 10

11 months old: We started to see a lot more of his personality around 11 months. I definitely needed my husband to keep him distracted and smiling so I could snap a good picture. I’d say this was the end of our easy picture taking months.

Baby progress month 11

12 months old: It was SO TOUGH to get this picture! He was just learning how to pull himself up and starting to walk, and all he wanted to do was move around. Although it’s blurry and not in the best lighting, I think this picture captures how much fun he was having at the time!

Baby progress month 12

Did you take monthly pictures of your baby? What style did you go for? What months were the hardest? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!


29 thoughts on “12 Months of Milestone Stickers

  1. Angela Tolsma

    As an auntie who lives far away from all her nieces and nephews monthly milestone pictures make my day! I get 6 a month and they are always treasured!
    I love his superman pose!

  2. Divya

    Awwwww, so sweeet!!! Did he get a cake for his 1st bday? A smash cake! I always like to see how a baby reacts to sugar when they’re first exposed to it!

  3. Allison

    Ah how cute! My little one just turned 13 months today and it was the first month we didn’t do a milestone sticker/picture, it was kind of sad!

  4. Debra

    I wish they had had these when my babies were little – I think is it such a cute idea and a good way to keep track of them growing up.

  5. Jane Evans

    Every month is so cute! Can’t believe it went by so fast!

    There should be photos of you to show how amazing you were every month!

  6. Heather

    I think this is such a cute idea! I was really great about taking monthly pics of my first baby, my second baby not so much…my third child lives purely in instagram 🙂

  7. Tereza

    Haha these stickers are so funny. I’ve been seeing them everywhere on Instagram recently and its such a clever idea! And what a cutie you’ve got xx

  8. Blythe Alpern

    These stickers are so much fun. I always loving baby picts from my friends when they use these stickers. It’s amazing to see all the changes from month to month.

  9. Heather McMaster

    These pictures are so adorable.
    I had never heard of these stickers when I had my daughter 5 years ago. But with my son, I was given some at my baby shower. Unfortunately, as life got busier with two kids, I forgot to use them after he turned 6 months. Mom Life! Thanks so much for this awesome post.

  10. Ashland

    What a cutie pie!!!!!
    I always said that I would buy these stickers for the monthly pictures I take but 9 months later with baby #2 and I still haven’t and I’m still wishing I had! Seems a little late in the game now though haha.

  11. Dawn McAlexander

    How cute is he? I love those milestone stickers. What a great way to keep up with your kid’s growth. It really would make it much better when you look back sometime in the future to see what they looked like at a certain time.

  12. Nikki

    These stickers are such a great idea. An awesome gift for a new mom as well. This def makes it easy to take all those milestone pictures!

  13. Leslie Hernandez

    OMG so cute ( I want a child). I am not a mom yet but I always thinking of all the creative things I would do if I had a child. This is definitely something I would do and add all these pictures in a photo album for memory and to show to the baby when they’re all grown up. Thanks for sharing these!!

  14. Amanda Love

    It’s so nice to countdown the months until he reaches the first year of his life! I love that you decided on something simple to commemorate all the milestones. These are all lovely! His smile is so adorable!

  15. Jalisa

    I loved doing all the milestone stickers. They reminded me of all the things I didn’t miss as a mom. Your son is the most adorable little one.

  16. maria criselda maquiling

    I never had time to do any recording for my first born son. I’m having my second baby this coming may and I think I would record his progress too. This sticker idea is really great because it can realistically fit into a mom’s crazy schedule.


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